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According to Maha Vishnu Sutras, the whole process of evolution of a
human race upon a dense planet is dependent upon its response to the planetary
forces of the Solar System, as well as upon the ray energy impulses of the
Zodiacal Constellations[Rashis],but the response of the evolving human
beings depend upon their acquired
incarnated human forms, which is based upon the various permutation and
combinations of Vital ethers[Pranas] of which the ethereal body also called body
double is made of , which are the vital matter of the 2nd ether of
the 2nd vital sub plane, 3rd ether of the 3rd
vital sub plane, and 4th ether of the 4th vital sub plane
as mixed by the builder devas of the form, upon the recommendation of four
karmic representatives of four karmic planetary lords who are the fronts for
the Karmic lords of Sirius solar system. All human energy centers [chakras] are
found in the vital [pranic ] body upon this 4th vital plane, so 4th
vital plane matter is more than other two vital plane matters in these
permutation combination mixtures, and upon these vital bodies frame work, the
physical human body takes its shape, and through the circulation of prana [the
vital force], the physical body stays alive. So depending upon these mixtures
of ethers, which are related to his previous birth karmas, the human
incarnation upon the physical plane takes place.

The constellations of Gemini [Mithuna], Virgo[Kanya], and Pisces [Meen-
also known as the Lopa Mudra Rashi]having a triangular relationship
representing the second ray of love and wisdom is also of most importance, for
the evolution upon our planet earth of all evolving consciousness, as our
current solar system is evolving based upon the second ray of love and wisdom
as ordained by the logos, and this triangle is formed by the constellations of
Gemini [Mithuna] , Virgo[Kanya], and
Pisces[Meen], depicting the second major ray of love and wisdom.

The Ninth hidden
triangle in this group of 12 Zodiacal Signs, thus consist of Gemini [Mithuna], Virgo[Kanya],
and Pisces[Meen] and their second ray energies of love and wisdom enter our
solar system through the five governing ruler planets, which are
Jupiter[Brahaspati], Mercury[Budh], Venus [Shukra], Moon [Chandra] veiling
Vulcan[Vishwakarma], and Pluto[Kalia], and the great Avatars Buddha and Jesus
both had utilized this second ray energies to bring their message of love and
wisdom of the second ray upon the physical plane, as love was propagated by
Jesus, and wisdom was propagated by Budddha, as wisdom is the sum total of all
past knowledge, while the love [Desire]being an aspect of the divine “Will” is
the illuminated light of the soul , as love technically is the electric will of
attraction, utilized by the wisdom, which is the inherent nature of our
evolving planetary earth logos, who is also the in charge of the heart center.

The planetary logos
of earth[Prithvi], in whose manifested body we are evolving is also fully
involved to watch over hierarchy, which has been brought in existence by our
planetary logos Sanat Kumara from the planetary head center “Shambhalla”, by
the use of the 1st ray force of the hidden triangle of Aries[Mesha],
Leo[Simha] and Capricorn[Makra], which enter Shambhalla[the planetary head
center] through the manifested body of the creator Bramh Saturn[Shani], and
this 1st ray Shambhalla energy
is currently directly affecting Humanity in combination with the seventh ray
energies of Aquarius constellation[Kumbha] controlled by Uranus [Rahu]the
father of our solar system as both 1st ray and 7th ray
are interchangeable, and the first ray energy is always based upon the universal law of “Will to do

The constellation of
Gemini [Mithuna] is governed by Venus[Shukra] and Mercury[Budh], which
represent the energies of Castor and Pollux [The Ashwani Kumaras], of Gemini
constellation, as the life of father logos from Sirius[Spirit] flow through
these Stars Castor and Pollux, the two Ashwani Kumaras, Which cause Adwaita to
become Dwaita or the manifestation of one true reality into two, which is the
birth of Maya[illusion], and thus the
Maya governs the cycles of manifestation for those incarnated human beings who
move clockwise upon the Kaal chakra[Mutable cross],under the influence of
Castor [mortal] energies, governed by Venus[Shukra], which cause the evolving
personality to consider itself to be separate from the soul consciousness, as
the Soul Consciousness is represented by the energies of Pollux [Immortal],
which is ruled by Mercury[Budh], and this separation of personality
consciousness from the soul consciousness, which is technically its higher
self, cause the incarnating personality under the influence of Maya[Venus
energies], to go on taking innumerable births upon the Swastika or Kaal chakra
[Mutable Cross], who illegally control their personality consciousness with the
money control and material glamour in the name of so called scientific
evolution, and thus it goes on for eons until the evolving personality cuts
this illusion of Maya of Venus[Shukra], openly and illegally used by these
Asuras[Hermaphrodite Mansa Devi/Devas under the corrupt control of Venus[Shukra
– playing both female and Male roles] upon their innocent victims, the evolving
humanity in personality bodies, and after cutting this personality bondage through
mind differentiation, which is caused by the Buddhic impulses of intuitional
wisdom influenced by Mercury[Budh], as when the cool blue radiant light of
wisdom[spirit], starts affecting by transmutation of the Bright white light of
Pride of the evolving mind[Soul] . This relationship of elder brother Castor
and younger brother Pollux is codified in the younger brother Vibhishan[Pollux]
and elder brother Ravana [Castor]in the great Epic story of India known as Ramayana,
as the evil character Ravana is having all the personality intellect of
manifested three lokas [Mental, Astral, and Vital/Physical planes]” . This evil
personality character Ravana due to its material desires compounded by pride”[Mortal
due to the personality being mortal, but considering himself to be immortal due
to the false pride of acquired material knowledge called intellect ], who is
killed in the end by Lord Rama[soul] depicting the Vishnu aspect[Monad of logos],
as Ravana [mortal personality] was stuck in material glamour provided by Venus
[Shukra]not listening to the advice of immortal Vibhishan[Pollux]as Ravana the
elder out of these two refuses to listen to the wisdom [buddhic] impulses of
Vibhishan[ Pollux], as well it is also codified in the story of Machendra Nath
[representing castor] being rescued by
the younger Gorakh Nath [immortal Pollux], from the material glamour of dancing
girls, when Gorakhnath representing Pollux energies said to his stuck guru and
friend “Jaag Machinder Gorak Aaya”, meaning wake up Machinder Nath, as Gorakh Nath
has come to rescue you. Thus in Gemini constellation[Mithuna Rashi], the
duality is sensed due to the mass fusion of Humanity , which occurs by the 7th
ray magical synthetic energy in Cancer Constellation [Karka Rashi], and also
through the individual consciousness attained by the 1st ray energy impact
of Leo[Simha].

The constellation of
Virgo [Kanya] sets the stage between these pair of opposites now represented by
the mother[Mary- Venus] and child[Jesus-Mercury] relationship, where the Virgo
energies[Kanya] play the role of protective mother, and during this nurturing,
the Virgo constellation also plays the role of a female Guru teaching the
hidden Christ conscious in her cave thus developing her disciple, so that later
he can be born as a twice born[dwij], as an enlightened “Soul” in Capricorn
[Makra], in the set time period of gestation, which is known as the cycle of
Enlightenment under the impulses of 9 constellations from Virgo[Kanya] to
Capricorn[Makra]which are the 9 energy impulses upon Kaal chakra [Mutable
cross] of Virgo[Kanya], Leo[Simha], Cancer[Karka], Gemini[Mithuna], Taurus[Vrishbha],
Aries[Mesha], Pisces[Meen], Aquarius[Kumbha] and Capricorn [Makra], which
relates to the nine month gestation period of a human birth upon the physical
plane. The constellation of Virgo[Kanya] thus controls this cycle of
enlightenment for the evolving spirit through 9 initiations, as the in charge
of enlightenment energies in this group is the Taurus constellation[Vrishbha
Rashi], So Vulcan [Vishwakarma] veiled behind the planet
Moon[Chandra],governing Taurus[Vrishbha] having the source of Buddhi, the
Pleiades solar system, severs the umbilical cord between the mother and child,
using the first ray of electric will, as thus the transformed hidden Christ
conscious emerges from the womb of time or material ignorance, as the Bright
pillar of light[the soul representing the second principle of the Shiva
aspect]. The Virgo constellation [Kanya Rashi], is the sixth zodiacal sign if
counting from the starting point of Aries constellation [Mesha], moving upon
the correct path of universal [Brahmandic]consciousness also known as the
Sudarshan chakra[Fixed Cross], [Aries-Mesha, Taurus-Vrishbha, Gemini-Mithuna,
Cancer-Karka, Leo-Simha, and then sixth
being Virgo-Kanya], and thus in ancient times of Atlantis it was symbolically
represented as a “Six Pointed Star”.

The constellation of
Virgo being the Mother’s Womb, is involved in both involution and evolution of
the Soul consciousness, as both involution and evolution is balanced by the
next constellation of Libra energies [Tula Rashi], as technically before their
separation as two zodiacal signs, the constellation Virgo[Kanya] and Libra[Tula]
were considered as one constellation and since ancient times are jointly taken
as the symbol of Brahmandic Nyaya [universal Justice or to balance the
unbalances in the universal consciousness, and they both are still represented
as joined together in oneness upon the earth plane on top of the courthouse
buildings as a blind lady[Virgo], holding the scales of justice[Libra]and both of
these constellations hold the same place in the space, and the energy
boundaries between these two constellations interpenetrate. The Constellation
of Virgo energies [Kanya Rashi] provides the nourishing during the earlier
stages of Gestation, and awareness to the evolving Soul in the later stages so
it can emerge as an enlightened Soul with Krishna or Christ consciousness
filled with wisdom [Buddhi]. Thus the Virgo Constellation [Kanya Rashi] represents
the womb [Space] of Kaal[Time bound consciousness in material form], and first
passes upon anticlockwise zodiacal path, the collective animalistic human group
consciousness as personality soul[in which case this is represented by Leo Virgo
joined together and symbolically represented by the Spinx symbol], and then
upon wrong clockwise path nurturing the individualized evolving personality,
and then again nurturing the form of learning student moving upon the right
anti clockwise path of Dharam chakra[Fixed cross], guarding the second ray
principle[ Krishna or Christ consciousness], evolving within her own material
substance and finally releasing the evolving consciousness from the material
bondage giving birth in Capricorn[Makra rashi]. So from Virgo to Capricorn
[Makra] upon the wrong path are 9 Zodiacal constellations influencing the
evolving soul personality through their impulsing energies, and then upon the
reverse correct path of the zodiacal wheel[Dharam chakra- mutable cross]from Capricorn
to Pisces are 3 zodiacal constellations[Capricorn[Makra], Aquarius[Kumbha], and
Pisces[Meen Rashi] influencing the evolved soul, finally liberating it in full
glory as a bright blue light being by the fish goddess Lopa Mudra’s higher
impulses [Pisces constellation – Meen Rashi] .

The “Regular
Astrology” [Hora shastra] governs the form or Brahma aspect having a
personality soul evolving upon the physical plane, while the “Esoteric Astrology’
governs the Vishnu aspect[soul] dwelling inside the form, while the “Hierarchy
Astrology” not yet in use upon the physical plane governs the liberated Soul still evolving to
join the Shiva aspect [the monadic spirit]. So in each astrological charts the
governing rulers will thus change for these three kinds of separate individual
human beings evolving in time and space upon three separate zodiacal wheels, as
there is one set of ruling planets for those moving clockwise upon the Kaal
chakra [mutable cross], and there is another set of ruling planets for those
moving anti clockwise upon the Dahram chakra [Fixed Cross], and then there is a
third set of ruling planets for those whose consciousness is anchored upon the
Shiva’s Trisula [Cardinal cross]

So in the Case of Gemini
[Mithuna] constellation energies, the ruler for Kaal chakra [mutable cross]
will be “Mercury” [Budh], and the ruler for Dharam chakra [Fixed cross] will be
“Venus” [Shukra], and the ruler for Shiva Trisula [Cardinal Cross] will be the “Earth”
[logos in whose body we are evolving]. And for Virgo [Kanya] constellation
energies, the ruler for Kaal Chakra [Mutable cross] will be Mercury [Budh], and
the ruler for Dharam chakra [Fixed cross] will be “Moon veiling Vulcan” [Vishwakarma],
and the ruler for Shiva Trisula [Cardinal Cross] will be the “Jupiter”
[Brahspati]. And for Pisces [Meen] constellation energies, the ruler for Kaal
Chakra [Mutable cross] will be Jupiter [Brahspati], and the ruler for Dharam
chakra [Fixed cross] will be “Pluto” [Kalia], and the ruler for Shiva Trisula [Cardinal
Cross] will be again the “Pluto” [Kalia].

The evolving soul
under the impulses of constellation of Pisces energies, [Meen Rashi -Lopa
Mudra], representing the second ray becomes in the end as the savior, as this
is the sign of the final consummation of father consciousness[Monadic Spirit],
just as Gemini acts to relate the pair of opposites [spirit and form] through
the second principle of attraction, and Virgo after this established
relationship between soul and form or the Christ and the mother Mary or between
Egyptian god Horus and his mother Isis,
or Rama and his mother Kaushalya, thus utilizing the second ray principle of
attraction, or through the Vishnu aspect
take care of the Krishna consciousness[soul] hidden in the womb of the
matter[form], finally taking a birth as the shining blue star as the world
savior under the blessings of Lopa Mudra, the fish goddess commonly known as
the Pisces influence[Meen Rashi], consummating the electric will of the
father through the second aspect of
Vishnu, the lord of Second ray, which is focused in the planetary head center
of Shambhalla, and expressing itself directly in the Anjna center “The
Humanity”, thus finally consummating in the heart center , which is called as
hierarchy, which was established in the ancient past by father Uranus[Rahu] of
our solar system representing the second ray energies coming from Sirius logos
via Pisces constellation[Meen Rashi], to our solar system.

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