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Answer to Lesson ONE. Here are my attempt to answer Lesson ONE. Please
evaluate it and give your kind suggestions to correct or improve it.
Thank you.
1- Astrological factors are influenced by the changes on seasons, depending
on the place where you are born, the southern or northern latitude will
determine the time of sunrise and sunset and the durantion of teh day and
night. The longitude will influence which planets are above the horizon and
which one will be under the horizon. For example, while there is noon in
Puerto Rico, there will be night in Japan, so if you take two natives born
at the same time, their chart will be different, in one the sun is above the
horizon, while in the other it will be under it. The latitute determines
where the Lagna or ascendent will be, which sign will be rising on the
easthern horizon at the time of the birth.
2- A period in which the sun is never above the horizon for observers within
the Arctic or Antarctic cicles. When the sun is near the horizon, its light
enters the atmosphere at a low angle. The asmoshpere bends the light around
the curve of the earth, so that an observer on earth can see light from a
straight line to the horizon. In the artic winter, when the sun remains at
low levels for a relatively long time, smalll changes in atmosphere
conditions can cause large changes in the length of the day or the duration
of the night, due to bending of the sun's rays. That why there are some
days of the year when the Sun either do not rise of set above certain parts
of the globe.
3-Parasara mentions two classes of heavenly bodies, the moving and the
non-moving. The difference between their roles in the astrological
interpretation will depend on the placement of the heavenly bodies, ontheir
class-stars, nakshatras-non moving ones and planets. What was the
trajectory at the time of the birth.
4- I am not able yet to construct my own chart. I will try to explain as
many astrological principles as I can. Terrestrial Latitude 66W 18N23, Zone
4, Ayanamsa>Lahiri 23/2.8 Sunrise/Sunset 8th Tithi-Ashtami of Waxing Moon,
Above Moon.
Thank you, PARAMESHVARI 2002

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