viernes, 5 de agosto de 2011


1-God is quite close to me. My body is his moving temple. Every person has
his own conception of God. The God of Christians wears a cross, while the
God of a Hindu has marks on his forehead. The greatest and most important
thing in all the world is to get the right concept of God because your
belief about God govern your entire life. God is everywhere. I feel his
Divine Prescence in every form, in every feeling, in every movement,
Everything is God.
2-In order to get closer to God I started the practice of meditation, I
started reading the Bible, The Bhagavad Gita, inspired books by Swami
Muktananda, Swami Sivananda. I also consulted a Vedic Astrology and on June
11, 2001 I was initiated into the Spiritual Path by my Spiritual Guru, Sri
Hanuman, a yogi and musician from Ahmedabad, India. He is an excellent and
dedicated teacher. From him I received my spiritual name, my mantra and
sadhana. His faithful teaching and spiritual discipline is showing me the
way to a new life.
3- God is all is more relevant. As I stated before you have to see God in
everything. God is beyond human imagination, but he is a living reality.
Brahman is no metaphysical abstraction. It is the fullest and most real
being. God is all, since God has no limit.
4-Jyoti is light, Jyotish is the light of knowledge. A priest teaches
theology, dogmas or creeds. Jyotish does not teach religion, but knowledge
to the use of Dharma. Truth is one, eternal substance. The follower of the
religion of truth walks the path of light, peace, wisdom and bliss.
4- I am trying to get familiar with the Sanskrit terminology and am making a
list of the terms. As soon as I have it I will submit it for your
Respectfully sumbitted.

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