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The summary given below is information which will help to understand the connection between astrological signs with various parts of our body and the diseases attached to it.

1. First House/Aries

Body parts: Head, skull, forehead, brain

Indicates fevers, headaches, brain disorders, strokes, cerebral bleeding, and injuries to the skull and head small pox, inflammation, indigestion, difficulties at the time of birth.

2. Second House/Taurus

Body parts: face, nose, mouth, teeth, throat, neck, right eye, cheek, chin, oral cavity, lips, right shoulder

Indicates swelling of the neck, sore throat, thyroid problems, obesity, injury to the face or throat, dental problems, childhood diseases like colds, flu, diseases concerning ear, nose, throat, teeth

3. Third House/Gemini

Body parts: arms, right hand, shoulders, larynx, vocal cord, right ear, upper respiratory tracts, nervous system

Indicates cough, pulmonary disorders, asthama and injury to the shoulders, as well as nervous disorders, agitation, and poor muscular-skeletal coordination.

4. Fourth House/Cancer

Body parts: chest, breast, ribs, lower respiratory system, lungs, blood vessels,

Indicates lung problems, dropsy, injury to the chest, breast tumors/breast cancer, chest problems, diseases arising out of heavy drinking habits, as well as emotional disorders. Hysteria

5. Fifth House/Leo

Body parts: heart, back, bones, spine, stomach, belly, liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, pregnancy

Indicates lack of vitality, weakness of the heart and solar plexus, stomach and digestive problems, lack of fertility and menstrual problems, back pain

6. Sixth House/Virgo

Body parts: intestines, kidneys, waist

Indicates poor digestion, malabsorption, gas, constipation, ulcers, food allergies, hypoglycemia, diabetes,

Apendicitis, immune system weakness, T.B., epidemics, peptic ulcer

7. Seventh House/Libra

Body parts: urinary system, uterus, ovaries, testicles, prostate, semen, reproductive system

Indicates urinary disorders, infertility in women, venereal diseases, sexual vitality problems

8. Eighth House/Scorpio

Body parts: genitals, scrotum, rectum, anus

Indicates hemorrhoids, rectal cancer, blood disorders, impotence in men, veneral diseases, piles, fistula

9. Ninth House/Sagittarius

Body parts: hips, thigh, lower portion of spinal cord, fermoral arteries, lower part of vertebra, upper parts of legs

Indicates obesity, arteriosclerosis, paralysis below the waist, arthritis in the hips or injury to the hips, diseases concerning indigestion

10. Tenth House/Capricorn

Body parts: knees, skin, spinal cord, back

Indicates weakness, injury to the knees or arthritis of knees, weakness of the bones in general, rheumatism

11. Eleventh House/Aquarius

Body parts: legs, tibia, amkles, left ear, left hand, calf muscles

Indicates poor circulation, skin disorders, weakness in lower legs, arthritis of ankles, nervous system problems, diseases concerning gout, rheumatism

12. Twelvth House/Pisces

Body parts: feet, toes, left shoulder, left eye, heel, sole,

Indicates lymphatic disorders, hypoglycemia, diabetes, tumours, trouble with the feet, functional infections, diseases like warts, retention of fluids in the body, disturbed sleep.

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